The Property Brothers: Moving Madness

I want a stainless steel kitchen
and a backyard with a oceanfront view.
It must be open concept.
Walls are sinful.

I love this house so much,
I’m going to buy it in a heartbeat.
This is 15,000 over budget, Jonathan says.
Why did he even show me this?

You can only afford a renovation, he explains.
Thanks for ruining my life.

Popcorn ceilings?
And the kitchen doesn’t even have an island!
This is my worst nightmare.

Inspectors come.
Asbestos is found.
I’m gonna die here.
No money, no house.

I actually want to build a pool.
Already behind schedule and overbudget,
my husband hates me.

Oh new backsplash!
My kitchen cabinets are the best thing ever.
No more carpet.
Double sinks in the bathroom.
This is heaven.

Words by Natasha Astrakhan