An Open Letter To…Trump

Dear Trump,

I’ve been listening to your bs for around a year now, and I have to tell you I’m getting pretty sick of it. If I had a dollar for every time I heard your name in the media, I could give a “small loan” of a million dollars to one of my own future kids. If I learned a word in Latin every time I heard a sniveling apology from you, I’d be fluent in something useless, just like your political ideologies. If I earned an A on a homework assignment every time I heard racist spewage from your mouth, I’d be able to graduate from your fake ass university.

Now I could write for hours about how pathetic you are. Or how your thoughts on Guantanamo Bay freak Putin out. Or how the KKK leader supports you. Or how you’re afraid of losing to a girl. I could publish novels about all those things, but today I’ve decided to address a very special thing you’ve said recently.

The other week a video was released by The Washington Post, the most reliable publication that has the word ‘Washington’ in it. The whole thing is grainy and picked up by background mikes, the footage clearly not meant to see the light of day. In the video you talk with Billy Bush, or “the Bushy” as he’d like the ladies to refer to him. You guys discuss regular guy things: womens boobs and such; normal disgusting drivel you’d expect to hear out of your King Douche mouth. But this time it was different.

Right off the bat you begin to gloat about trying to ‘fuck’ a married woman. You said, “And I moved on her pretty heavily. In fact, I took her out furniture shopping.” (Side note: I have to admit, that’s a pretty sweet move.) After taking the woman out, you immediately assumed action would roll, but sadly that wasn’t the case.

As you know, Mr.Drumpf, the conversation with “the Bushy” goes on, and you two begin to move into creepier territory. It takes just a minute before you begin to talk about your habit with sometimes kissing women without hesitation. Dude! Did we forget about at least taking a lady out furniture shopping first? Show some class! Soon enough you preach about how a man as rich as yourself can do whatever he wants to do to a woman without them stopping you, ending it with the now famous ‘Grab her in the pussy!’ comment.

I’d like to take a moment to address how disgusting it is to violate anyone, not just women. If you decide to touch someone without their permission, especially sexually, I hope you know you’re kind of a B-hole. I also hope you know that I believe someone should definitely fight you.

A lot of people seem to think that people are getting all upset and ‘butt hurt’ over the crudeness of what you say. As a teenager who sits through tons of uses of the words ‘tit’, ‘ass’, ‘pussy’, and ‘fuck’ every single day of my life, I can confirm it isn’t the crudeness. It isn’t the way it’s phrased. It isn’t the lack of political correctness. It’s the fact that you admit to sexual assault. I’ve had people describe their sexual experiences with phrases like, ‘her titties’ and ‘that ass was like a monstrous globe’. No one batted an eye at it because they were talking about consensual sex. This is different. You’re a presidential candidate confessing to sexual assault.

I know some people don’t think it’s that big of a deal. It’s just a remark, just a joke, just some locker room behavior. Yet it’s this reaction to blatant sexual assault that leaves people believing that if you’re popular enough, rich enough, or just bold enough, it’s kind of acceptable. I’m looking at you Brock Turner.

Who’s going to object against a rich white boy going after drunk girls at parties? Who’s going to stop a wealthy girl from abusing her boyfriend. Or an employer sexually harassing someone who depends on them for money? Who’s going to stop people with power from controlling others like this if we can’t deal with taking down a person such as you? The answer so far is no one.

In conclusion, if I ever see you around town Donald Drumpf, I’ll kick your tiny baby hand having ass faster than you can even consider getting a grab in.

With much frustration,

A concerned citizen

P.S.. I’m not entirely allowed to link the video, but if you just search, ‘Grab Her In The Pussy Trump’ you’ll probably find it. Remember it includes some very intense language and mentions an intense amount of sexual assault, so take caution around small children and old people.

Words by Helen Fick
According to Oregon law, student journalists are responsible for determining the content of this publication, except under limited circumstances. The subject matter, content and views of the news, features and opinion sections in this paper do not reflect the views of Portland Public Schools or Woodrow Wilson High School.


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