An Open Letter To…Sexists

Dear People Who Actually Want To Repeal The 19th,

I was recently browsing my Twitter, excited to see the new tweets by Neil Degrasse Tyson, science man extraordinaire, when I happened upon a trending hashtag. I took one look at it before I had to get up and promptly go try to drown myself in my bathtub. Sadly, after multiple tries to no avail, I returned to my laptop and began to scroll through the tag I never thought could be possible.

#Repealthe19th has been a hashtag on Twitter for quite a while. Admittedly a very small one, maybe 50 tweets a month at most, but still there. I assume no one bothered to even look it up because of the idiotic idea it represents. And then the famous ‘Grab her by the pussy!’ comment happened. Brave victims began to come forward, and people became rightfully upset. Quickly after the whirlwind started, someone realised that if women had their right to vote taken away, Mr.Trumpkin would win.

And that’s how #repealthe19th started to trend. And that’s how the sexism that still exists in America came to shine even more brightly from Twitter.

I could say a lot on how I feel about this new found interest some Americans have in taking humans rights away, but I think it would be better to describe it like this. Let’s say one swell Wednesday you decide to stop by a Halloween store, preferably a really big one. You walk in and browse the aisles and decide that you should get something. Nothing seems quite right until you stumble upon a small display featuring scary Halloween noises. You know you could always just download it on Spotify, but there is something special about purchasing it yourself. After a fumble with a credit card, you bring it home, unwrap the plastic, and then put it on.

All you hear for three hours is high pitched feminine screaming.

That screaming is me.

Now I’m not upset about this as a woman. No, it’s much more than that. It’s the fact that some people would want to take another human’s rights away. A right that our ancestors fought hard to earn. I’m not angry because I’m a woman, I’m angry because you want to silence a whole part of the population. It feels weird when people say, “I cannot support this because I have daughters.” It shouldn’t matter if you have women in your life; you should care no matter who you are.

Now let me just say I’m pleasantly surprised that y’all Trampy Trumpies actually know more than two amendments. But I think it’s rather funny that none of you would like to lose your right to spew whatever bs you can, yet feel that if someone disagrees with you that you should take away their right to vote. Can you see the hypocrisy in it? Ya’ll think that Hillary is going to turn America into a radical Islamic state, yet you want to restrict the rights of women.

I don’t think you care about women’s rights. I don’t think you care about gay rights. I don’t think you care about Black lives. Or Latino lives. Or Muslim lives. Or trans lives. I don’t think you care about anyone other than cis white male rights. Ya’ll are ready to just say and do whatever will get Trump elected. You claim that Muslim extremists are going to oppress minorities, but it’s not them, it’s you.

It makes me wonder if the only reason you rally around a candidate like Donald Trump is because he finally gives you permission to hate again. For this reason alone, I hate you all; and I hope Sojourner Truth (look her up) rises from the grave and kicks all your asses. If she doesn’t do it, I will.

With a fighting spirit,

A high school student

Words by Helen Fick
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