4 Things To Watch After the Election

In the weeks after the election, those who didn’t vote for the President-Elect have been trying to recover. Everyone copes in their own way. Some take to knitting while others seek solace at the bottom of a Mama Pita tequila bottle. If drowning your sorrows in illegal substances or grandma crafts doesn’t  suit your fancy, Netflix binging can be your sweet escape. While Netflix offers up its own set of anxieties with the overwhelming sea of ready to stream titles, I’ve taken care of that for you. Here, I have compiled a list perfectly suited to tend to your post election wounds…

She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry (dir. Mary Dore 2014)

Before anyone starts burning their bras, they should watch this. An empowering synopsis of the feminist movement and its founders, this documentary pretty much covers all the bases of basic feminist history and the powerful women who started it all. In lieu of recent events that threaten to take women’s rights back more than 4 decades, it’s important to learn from our predecessors so we can better understand how to tackle whatever obstacles are up ahead. 

The 13th (dir. Aya DuVernay 2016)

A sad truth was revealed to many after looking at the results of the presidential election, which is that non-white voters and subsequently their voices, are valued less than those of white people. One societal indicator of this is the disproportionately large amount of black people that have been imprisoned. This documentary untangles our judicial branch and how the laws we have in place have been used to systematically enslave and oppress people of color. 

National Treasure (dir. Jon Turteltaub 2004)

In the blue states, it’s easy to feel as if our system has failed, and it’s plain to see that patriotism levels are low. But if Nicholas Cage as amateur cryptologist, Benjamin Franklin Gates, doesn’t evoke a feverish lust for America, seriously consider moving up north. In times like these, we need to remember that America is a work in progress and to lose faith now would be throwing in the towel. 

Cory In the House (TV series 2007-2008)

Though not readily available to watch on Netflix, this series is worth hunting down. Sometimes in a world as cray-cray as this one, ignorance truly is bliss. In order to forget that mere weeks seperate President-Elect Donald Trump from inauguration, watch this gem of a Disney sitcom to remember the good ol’ days of a truly respectable family of wholesome values taking up residence, spreading joy and partaking in jovial pranks, in the White House.