Holiday Movies and Munchies

One of the best things about winter break is watching TV all day long and binge snacking. As an early gift to you, we’ve compiled a collection of Christmas movies and snacks so you can do as little thinking as possible over the break.

When you’re not in the mood for Christmas: “Christmas with the Kranks”

Description: Luther is a grinch this year. He tries to skip Christmas and go on a cruise with his wife Nora, instead his plans are complicated when their daughter unexpectedly comes home.

Recipe: Marshmallow Snowman

Be like Luther and have a holiday snowman! But don’t let the snowman pull you off the roof, eat this little guy instead.

When you’re feeling goofy and brimming with Christmas spirit: “Elf”

Description: This is the story about Buddy the elf, a human who was brought up in the North Pole, but doesn’t belong. Traveling to the human world, New York City to be exact, he tracks down his real father, an unwilling and grouchy man named Walter Hobbs. As Christmas approaches, Buddy attempts to bond with Walter, while bringing chaos to New York City in the process.

Recipe: Buddy’s Breakfast Recipe

Buddy arrives in the real world, and doesn’t exactly know how to cook. So he makes this for breakfast. Yum! Tweet us a picture if you actually make and eat this monstrosity.

When you’re feeling creative and fun: “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

Description: A bullied, sweet, little reindeer, Rudolph, was born with a glowing nose! He leaves Christmas Town to undo the burden he had set upon his parents. Along the way he meets an Elf named Hermey who doesn’t want to make toys, but wants to be a dentist! It is a great story that encourages the celebration of diversity.

Recipe: Buckeyes

Follow the recipe below, but use white chocolate with red food dye to make the buckeyes look like Rudolph’s nose!

When you’re feeling hopeful and excited: “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”

Description: A baby with the name of Claus is left on the Burgermeister Meisterburger’s doorstep, a cruel man who outlawed toys and hates happiness. He sends the baby off into the woods where a family of elves finds him. They take him in, raise him and teach him how to make toys. When he is old enough, he travels into town to the deliver the toys to children who don’t have any.

Recipe: Penguin Cookies

Topper the Penguin meets his delicious twin. Don’t worry, it’s not really a penguin.

When you’re feeling mischievous: “Home Alone”

Description: Kevin is sent to his room while having a family dinner. The next day the family takes a trip and forgets Kevin, leaving him home alone to stop the “Wet Bandits.”

Recipe: Over the Top Sundae

Remember when Kevin was alone and ate that HUGE sundae? Now is your chance to do the same! Use the recipe below for inspiration! Just add whatever else you want.

When you’re feeling romantic: “The Holiday”

Description: Two women, both with romantic troubles, trade homes for the holiday. One goes to sunny LA and the other to snow covered England. They both find unexpected romance and have fun taking a break from their normal lives.

Recipe: Candy Cane Heart

What’s more romantic than a heart? A candy heart! Be like Iris and Amanda and give your heart to someone special for the holidays.

Words by Rianna Bowers