Breakups & Makeups: Elastic Waist Pants

Elastic waist pants, you were my childhood sweetheart, my everything. I hope I don’t sound shallow, but you’ve aged horribly. You used to be a necessity, but over time people change. I used to love the fuzziness of you. Your forgiving waistband encouraged unrestrained movement, and I loved that. You were kind and comforting. You were what I needed at that time. The softness of your fabric was so much softer than jeans. You hugged me in a way jeans never could. Wearing you was like wearing a pillow.

You made me feel good. You made me feel like I was wearing pyjamas and that every day was a sleepover. I loved it. Wearing you, I could jump around and play unrestricted on the play structure. I felt like I could do anything with you. You lifted my confidence and with you I felt invincible. You were the best support system a girl could ask for. Really you were . And your waistband allowed for those extra chocolate chip cookies. You looked suave. You were cool. Even my friends had crushes on you. They wanted to find pants that were just as nice as you. In Fact they would have been happy to find pants that were half as nice.

But then I grew up… Literally. I grew a few inches one summer, and when I put you on, your hem was about mid-shin. Our breakup wasn’t really your fault, it was mine. I walked downstairs with you one day and my mother balked. She forced our break up by taking me jeans shopping. It was during that time that I started to realize how little I needed you. Sure jeans were not as comforting as you were, and their hug certainly wasn’t as soft, but they looked great on me. They were also durable. During this time your cool started to fade. I was moving on, and it felt necessary. Something wasn’t right between us anymore.

I know leaving you for jeans was probably a cheap move on my part, but manufacturers just didn’t make pants like you for a girl my age. And honestly, I needed that change. I had to move on for my own sake. It wasn’t you, it was me. I am sure that you are just as sweet and comforting now as you were then, and I will always remember that.

But in growing up, I had to leave some things behind, and, one of those things was you.   I now wear jeans and khakis like a grown-up. Though on cold winter nights, when I am looking for something warm to wear, I still miss you. However, this is not goodbye for ever, elastic waist pants, we will most certainly reunite after I turn fifty, and it will be glorious.

Words by Veronica Adams