Halloween Fashion

Halloween at Wilson this year was like no other. From administrators to teachers, freshman to seniors, everyone was feeling the Halloween spirit. Here are just some of the incredible costumes worn by Wilson High:

Which witch is indigo? It’s both!

Maia Uili won Halloween with this beautifully accurate Moana costume.

The only thing Trinity loves more than elmo is chocolate chip cookies.

Tommy Piwonka looking like a tasty snack.


Silas Fled-Denae garnered chuckles as painter Bob Ross.


Mairi O’Toole threw it back as a 30’s woman.

Ms. LeMier and Alex Slenning looking snazzy as Teddy Roosevelt and Superman.

Where’s Jack Weyler?

Hannah Bennet is serving (creepy) looks as a porcelain doll.

Emily Wood took Halloween to a whole other level with her corpse bride look.

Elliot Chimienti arresting Gabe for being a naughty boy

Mr.Douglass looking funky with a top hat.

Ben Muller as a lion in the Wilson jungle.

By: Devyn Yocom