The Secret To Being A Power Couple by Mira Coles

Photos by Shandra Back

Voted Wilson High School’s ultimate power couple through a Trojan Horse Instagram Survey, Abby Wiswall and Drew Wiley, Juniors, answer some personal questions about their rise to the top.

So, how long have you guys been dating?

            D: “A year and three months.”

And how did you guys first meet?

            D: “A little bit of freshman PE action, actually, in front of Mr. Hockett.”

A: “He thought we were cousins, fun fact.”

D: “Or brother and sister, even though we didn’t have the same last name. He asked us that a lot.”


What was your guys’ first date?

            D: “The first time we had a little romantic date date, we went downtown, some little freshies in a pond, and did really cheesy, corny stuff.”

A: “I mean, I feel like we just walked downtown, and we walked along the waterfront. Drew helped a homeless guy in a wheelchair.”

D: “Yeah, it was cool”

A: “And then we also saw another homeless man, the guy with the drums”.

D: “Oh and he also thought we were siblings.”

A: “Yeah, he was like ‘Is that your sister?’, and Drew was like, ‘No,’ and he was like, ‘Nice job’. That’s not a lie.”

What’s been your favorite date?

D: “Hm, I don’t know. Incredibles 2 was wild… I don’t know, we’ve done a lot.”

A: “I mean, I like to stay home a lot, just in general, so I like just staying home with him, ya know? And I like during the summer, he has a roof that you can kind of climb up to, and we would go up there and look at the stars and such.”

D: “Yeah we would like get all my dog’s dog beds and drag them up to the roof and get pillows and stuff watch movies at night. That’s a good one.”


What’s your most memorable moment together?

D: “Ooh, that’s tough.”

I feel like all the moments are just kind of fun, so you can’t choose just one, cuz I feel like we have fun together even if we’re not doing anything.

            D: “Yeah we’ve had a lot of good moments together.”


Tell me about your first kiss.

A: It was in my bed.

D: You know the sly man I am, greasy and all, just came in with a little smooch smooch.

A: Yup, exactly like that. That was like the first or second time we actually hung out outside of school.

            D: That was the first time I was at her house. I don’t really remember, but it was like the first time we hung out after the first date.

            A: The whole timeline is kind of confusing.


What about Drew sparked your interest in the first place?

A: “First off, I mean, he’s very attractive. And he’s taller than me too; that’s a good one. I mean, I don’t know, I feel like he’s just a big goofball. I thought he was just really funny in the first place.”


Drew, what’s your favorite thing about Abby?

D: “It’s really cheesy, but she has a really good energy. She’s a really happy person. I think a lot of people are really draining, but she’s not; she adds a lot more than she takes away.”


Biggest threat to your relationship?

A: “Well there was a girl, another girl…”

D: “The feds man, the feds.”


When did you know you loved each other?

A: “I definitely loved him before he loved me, 100%. Definitely a few months before he told me.”

D: “It was after the Incredibles 2. I was just on one, and I told her. A switch really flipped, my heart started racing, and I just gave her a big hug and told her how I felt.”


How do you guys overcome fights?

D: “We talk. Talk it out. It’s all about communication.”

A: “I think both of us are pretty good about talking about our feelings for the most part. Or maybe we don’t like to, but we end up doing it anyways, ‘cuz otherwise it’s just not going to be good. And I’m just like a crazy emotional person, so it’s kind of important. You have to have good communication.”


What advice do you guys have for aspiring power couples?

D: “Block all of that bullshit, man. Just be you.”

A: “Don’t care what other people think. You can’t let just dumb stuff or things you’re going to overreact about get in the way.”

D: “Everything is always in your partner’s best interest. You can’t row a boat if the two people are rowing in opposite ways.”


Final thoughts?

A: “I mean personally, I don’t think we’re a powerful couple. I just think we’ve been dating a long time.”

D: “Oh we’re very powerful.”

A: “That’s right, very powerful. Or yeah, I feel like we’re a power couple because we’re just really tall.”

D: “And really intense. Our mission is just to conquer the world.”

A: “Yes, conquer the world. We will be the next Beyonce and Jay-Z.”

Written By: Mira Coles

Photos By: Shandra Back