Name: Tulsi Gabbard Age: 38 State: Hawaii Party:  Democrat National Primary polling Average: less than 1% Career:  Member of the National Guard, Congresswomen Positions: Gabbard believes in a significantly less confrontational foreign policy framework than the U.S. is currently participating in.  Supporters of the second amendment, for more substantial healthcare system then the Affordable Care … Continue reading Gabbard


Name: William F. Weld Age: 74 State: Massachusetts Party: Republican National Primary polling Average:  2.4% Career: Federal Prosecutor, Governor Positions: Moderate opposed to Trump, for free trade and legalization of marijuana Signature Policy: Legalization of marijuana


Name: Donald Trump Age: 73 State: New York Party: Republican National Primary polling Average: 86% Career: Real Estate Developer, Reality TV star, Current President Positions: for Sanctions on China, for crackdown on illegal immigration, for federal tax cuts, Against Paris Climate Accords Signature Policy: Build a wall on the border of the US and Mexico