Breakups & Makeups: Pop Music

Someone mentions you, and I roll my eyes. And why shouldn’t I? You’re 1,000 leagues below my taste level. The mere fact that you’re appealing to almost everyone automatically makes you revolting to me. You and your despicably upbeat tempo and your infectiously catchy chorus. Pop music, you’re just a disease. You really expect me to just fawn over you like all the other girls … Continue reading Breakups & Makeups: Pop Music

Top 7 Senior Bests We Should’ve Had

Senior bests are a classic standby of high school yearbooks- but there’s only so many senior bests that a yearbook can include. We put together some fictional senior bests that we felt went unrecognized. Maybe next year!   Coolest Backpack There’s that kid who struts into class on day one with an air of confidence that seems to be unexplainable… until they turn around. Protruding … Continue reading Top 7 Senior Bests We Should’ve Had