The Boy: Review

The Boy: Review

The movie opens with a woman (Greta) sitting in the back of a cab as eerie music plays. The driver watches her creepily through the rearview mirror as she tries to fall asleep. Already I’m wondering why she decided to fall asleep in a car with a creepy and strange old man. I’ve already decided that she’s not very smart. Most main characters in horror movies usually aren’t. The car pulls up to an old, dark stone mansion with a rusty red roof, completely surrounded by trees and grey sky. When Greta gets out of the car, the driver tells her to wait in the parlor as the family that lives there is not home. Of course, like in any other horror movie, the protagonist doesn’t do she is told. She starts to hear noises coming from the upstairs and decides to look around. Is it really so hard to do as you’re told?

When the parents come home, Greta is very confused when they introduce her to a doll as their child. She thinks it is a joke and proceeds to laugh at them. Come on woman! What ever happened to respect? The parents ignore this insult and give her very, very, very specific instructions on how to care for the doll. Pretty much as soon as they leave, Greta forgets the instructions and literally just ignores the doll. Why would she do that? Just why? She just keeps on ignoring the doll and defying the specific instructions for it’s care. Why is she so unwilling to do the job she is being paid for? And as paranormal things start happening in the house, the woman doesn’t realize that maybe, just maybe, it’s the doll, and maybe, just maybe, she should ACTUALLY START TAKING CARE OF IT LIKE SHE’S SUPPOSED TO!

So, way less than halfway through the movie, I already hate her! And as I thought about it, I started to hate her more and more and more for every stupid little reason that she shouldn’t have even taken this job in the first place. 1) The job was in a foreign country (She was American, and the job was in the UK). 2) The house was in the middle of nowhere with no one around. 3) She was going to be alone for 3 months, her only contact being with the grocery boy who came once a week. And finally 4) The child she was taking care of WAS A DOLL! A DOLL!!! WHY WOULD SHE TAKE THIS JOB? I want to know what the hell is wrong with this woman!

So, she sounds stupid right? Well don’t worry, she just gets stupider and stupider, and as you watch you want to start pulling your own teeth out because that would be better than watching the movie. All you can think is, “WHY DON’T YOU JUST TAKE CARE OF THE DOLL THE WAY YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO?”, “IT’S NOT THAT HARD JUST DO IT!” and, “DO YOU WANT TO DIE?” with the occasional, “How is she this clueless? Wtf?”

Do I recommend this movie? Despite the main character being utterly idiotic, I thought it was a good movie. A lot of horror movies have that ‘quality’. I really enjoyed the unexpected plot twist at the end. And the cliffhanger ending made me excited for the sequel that I think is being made. If I had to rate it, I’d give it a 7/10. It’s not bloody or gory, just creepy, and watching it alone just makes it that much creepier. Overall, it’s a movie worth watching to cap off this spooky season.

Written by Amelia Winkelman

Makeup Dupes Every Teen Needs!

Makeup Dupes Every Teen Needs!

Have you ever walked past a Sephora and looked inside knowing that you don’t have enough money to buy any of it? Well lucky for you, many drug stores have quality affordable makeup that most people don’t know about. If you are struggling to find balance between the things you choose to spend money on, this article is for you. From mascara to lipstick to everything between, we found some amazing dupes that we would like to share with you.


Mascara:pasted image 0

We compared L’oreal Lash Paradise ($7.99) and Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara ($23). We found that they have very similar appearances like the metallic light pink packaging and the hourglass shape of the wand with full bristles. While Better Than Sex gives the lashes more length and volume, it has a dry formula that can cause clumps. Lash Paradise is able to build up to the length and volume of Better Than Sex after many coats and has a wetter formula that is easier to apply. In conclusion, we found the mascaras to be very comparable and to look the exact same after there were more coats on the Lash Paradise side. Although we prefer Better Than Sex because of the better quality, Lash Paradise is a very close dupe.

Face Powder:


pasted image 0 (1)

We compared Maybelline Master Fix Powder ($7.99) and Makeup Forever HD Powder ($35). A huge con of the HD powder is that it is three times as expensive and it is a very similar powder. These powders can be used all over the face, under the eyes, or any where you want because it is a translucent powder. They are both silicon based which gives them similar finishes. All translucent powders will give you a white cast when a flash picture is taken so both of these have that as well. After a day of wearing the powder, both powders look the exact same which makes this a great dupe. We completely recommend this powder.

Applicator:pasted image 0 (2)

We compared the Real Techniques Sponge and the Beauty Blender. These are sponges that can be used to apply foundation or concealer in a smooth way using bouncing motions. The real techniques sponge is much cheaper at only $4.99 and the Beauty Blender is $20. Both of these sponges are the same size but not the same shape. The Real Techniques sponge has a flat side that we prefer for undereye concealer. Both apply equally as well, both very smooth. The thing that makes the Beauty Blender better in our opinion is that the Real Techniques sponge retains water and can absorb makeup which could cause you to waste makeup. The Real Techniques sponge is still a really great sponge and a great dupe for the price.



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We compared Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner ($7.99) and Kat Von D Tattoo liner ($20). In this comparison, the Master Precise was a wetter formula and easier to apply. The Kat Von D liner was sticky when dry and chunks would fall off. The Kat Von D liner was opaque and precise but harder to apply because of the dry formula. After the application process, they both stayed on the same throughout the day and held up well. We recommend this dupe because we preferred the Maybelline Master Precise, which is much cheaper.


Lipstick:pasted image 0 (4)

We compared Velvet Teddy Lipstick by Mac ( $17) and Wet and Wild Bare It All (7.99). The colors of these two are the exact same and both held up very well through the day. We found that Velvet Teddy dried down easier and stayed very matte. Bare it All was shinier and creamier with slightly more transfer. Overall, these lipsticks are very comparable and while we prefer the Mac lipstick because of the matte formula, the Wet and Wild dupe is very similar.


Our goal was to find the best of the best makeup dupes for affordable prices. We found a few face product we thought would be useful to someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, but wants to find some cheap makeup. These products will be good for anyone who feels like their money would be better spent on other things and not on makeup. Anyone can benefit from this because these products are comparable to the products that are expensive, so you can find good quality products for less money.

By: Devyn Yocom and Lily Conway